What good have we done for people?

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While other socionists "practicing in deduction ..."       


Yaroslav shares experience:

Yana (Maxim’s her sociotype): In the beginning, when I first started researching socionics  Yana got acquainted with some people whose sociotype had been identified as her duals.


Duals in socionics - are the best psychologically compatible partners. They restore psyche-energy and aid observing the world by their principally alternative style of thinking, dramatically increasing intellectual potential. For each existing sociotype dual pairs exist, symmetrical intertype relations, dual intertype relations. Sociotypes Maxim and Hamlet are dual pairs.

For socionics type Maxim  dual is Hamlet

After getting acquainted she instantly felt the positive wave of energy and then understood: she needs that. After acquaintance with ten representatives she got enough experience to identify her duals by herself. Her experience allowed her to “feel" her duals without sociotype diagnosis. Soon after that she got acquainted with a few dozen more duals and eventually married one, her husband. The effect of socionics’ dualization was so impressive; she decided to start our happylife project helping spread success for other people.

Not bad for 16-type typology, isn't it?


                     BEFORE                                                               AFTER



Happylife project feedback from dual pairs Sense of dualisation



Ribak A.V.(Don Quixote’s his sociotype) and Kate Fedorova (Don Quixote’s her sociotype): 

 Intertype relations identity

Earlier Ribak was skeptical about theories which can predict human relations.  His problem was that he was 29 years old and single, no girlfriend. There was not even the slightest prospect that she would appear...  All his acquaintances friend-zoned him, he was a virgin and even kisses were a novelty. We are not creating relationships without matches for our clients. Once they get acquainted with someone, but lose passion, we help arrange new people. Watch his video to see more of his story.

Once I got him acquainted with, Kate Fedorova, he was pleasantly surprised, asking me: “Where did I find her?”. Despite his vast intellectual and good nurture, in advantage, the  problem was that he made most people tired. Finding a partner for him is a great achievement!




Mirgorog: Ukraine, Poltava region


Sweta: sociotype Esenin

Gingak E S: (sociotype Esenin)

Victor Stepanovich: (sociotype Hamlet)

Anastasiya: (sociotype Esenin)

Zhanna: (sociotype Hamlet)

Victor Saenko(guest): (sociotype Zhukov)

Aleksey Sergienko: (sociotype Zhukov)


In socionics there are intertype relations classed as "quadral" relations. The 16 types in socionics are divided into "quadras", special group of 4 sociotypes in which a special psychological atmosphere with shared common values and sense of humour prevails.

All types presented in this story belong to Beta quadra.The Beta quadra consist of sociotypes: Hamlet, Maxim, Zhukov, Esenin

Let me introduce you how it was worked out: 


Sweta (Esenin) was thankful to me for the people who I offered to her based on knowing her quadra’s signs; most of them are now best friends.  She was very interested when I acquainted her with Gingak E S.(Esenin),their identity relations were very constructive.

Sweta (Esenin) once invited me and Anastasia (Esenin) to her house and the experience was pleasant.

You may also see videos with Sweta (Esenin) taking about of her experience. It is evident that she enjoyed speaking to members of her quadra.  One year ago she fell in love with someone..



HOW THAT WAS...            




Zhanna: sociotype Hamlet

Yana: sociotype Maxim

Aleksey Sergienko: sociotype Zhukov


Yana(Maxim) met Aleksey Sergienko from my advice, meeting her people of her quadra. When they began to speak I saw their information resonance, they had a lot of interesting topics for conversations, willingly shared their experiences excitedly debating with each other. Yana to me after that: "You found an interesting man for me", and that made me happy.


Aleksey Sergienko (Zhukov) also had a girlfriend Zhanna (Hamlet), living in Mirgorod. He just had good things to say about her as well as members of his quadra I introduced him to. He told me: "The people you brought to me are very pleasant".






Murashko Andrei Petrovich: sociotype Dostoevsky 

Natasha Berko: sociotype Shtilitz

Dostoevsky  is dual to Shtirlitz

At the start of my socionics journey (2004-2005's), I have done interesting experiment with dual pairs like Murashko Andrey Petrovich(Dostoevsky) and Natasha Berko (Shtirlitz). 


When I introduced them they started very lively conversation, warm, discovering many shared interests.

Natasha was very interested learning about him as a person, she also told him a lot about her; they were laughing having lots of fun. Their experience even energised me due to the intense positive and energetic atmosphere I felt reigning between them. When we went out Natasha wanted to dance, we then have fun being lively, merry full of energy, jumping – it was great.

Murashko Andrei Petrovich also had good things to say. He liked her a lot. He also complimented her saying “she was a very intelligence girl”. Since that moment I understood: If I can get such results – why not multiply those unlimited times.




.....To be continued...